Saturday, December 9th, 2017

14.00 – 21.00 at Hyatt Regency Hotel

Exclusive tasting and sale of premium spirits

30 Distilleries – 150 Top-quality beverages – 5 Supporting events

DISTILLERRY MASTERS (DM) is a brand-new, unique event, designed as an exclusive tasting and sale of premium alcoholic beverages to professional as well as private buyers. DM 2017 will take place in the most beautiful area of Hyatt Regency Hotel – Focaccia Restaurant, during the 14th Belgrade Wine Salon, as a completely separate event with its own program and audience.

The number of exhibitors is limited to 30, and the number of visitors to 400: 

–          200 Professional buyers (distributers, restaurants, bars, hotels – chosen by the exhibitors themselves)

          200 Private buyers (advance booking and purchase of vouchers required)

All of the exhibited alcoholic beverages on this event will be available for tasting, as well as for direct or future sales.

The list of exhibitors, and beverages offered for tasting will be published on November 27th, 2017.



Professional buyers

Invitations for DISTILLERY MASTERS 2017 intended for professional buyers will be sent by the organizer, according to the exhibitors’ choice. Every exhibitor will deliver their own list containing the names and contact information of 20 professional buyers, and based on those lists, the organizer will make a final list of 200 special invitations.

Private buyers

The number of private buyers is limited to 200, and the vouchers for DISTILLERY MASTERS 2017 will only be sold in advance.

Price of the voucher: 2. 000 rsd

Voucher includes:

–         Tasting and the possibility of purchasing all exhibited beverages

–         Food tasting – Special selection of delicatessen

–         Special drink and food tastings which are part of the Supporting program

All visitors will receive a free Catalogue of Exhibitors which includes information about all alcoholic beverages exhibited on DM.

In addition, RIEDEL company will provide high-end spirit glasses for all visitors and exhibitors.

Buy the voucher 


Comparative tastings

Special comparative tastings, arranged according to style and type of spirits, will be organized every 30 minutes in Academia Hall, within the exhibition area of DM.

Cocktail Bar

In cooperation with the leading bartenders, special cocktail tastings of world-famous as well as new, original cocktails will be organized every hour at the exhibition hall, and spirits exhibited on DM will be used as ingredients.

Master Chef

Visitors will also have a chance to enjoy a cooking show about the innovative Serbian cuisine which will be organized in the open kitchen of Focaccia restaurant.


Moreover, a table with delicious delicatessen will be set in both parts of the Focaccia restaurant, and it will contain a selection of top-quality domestic and imported prosciuttos and cheeses, as well as other delicatessen suitable for spirits tasting.


Based on our extensive experience and considerable achievements in wine culture development in the last fifteen years, we are convinced that this new event which is a part of the Belgrade Wine Salon, will contribute to the improvement of consumer education, development of drinking culture in general, as well as market development, above all, in the category of spirits of premium quality.

We wish you a warm welcome to DISTILLERRY MASTERS 2017 and the 14th Belgrade Wine Salon!

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